What To Do After Sport

May 24, 2015

It's More Than Just Finding A Job

What athletes do after their sport career comes to an end is much more complicated than just finding a job and moving on. Many athletes struggle with the transition from sport to life and it's important to know that this transition period can be made smoother with the proper support and help. Sport Psychology consulting and counselling is one avenue by which athletes in transition (or approaching transition) can get the support and guidance they need.

Although there are many factors to consider, a few key factors that enhance the positive outcome for athletes transitioning out of high-performance sport (whether it's due to injury, de-selection, graduation, etc.) are (1) to create a plan for the transition and future career options, (2) the create an identity for themselves that does not tie them only to their sport, and (3) to use and transfer the personal skills developed through sport (such as teamwork, discipline, commitment, work ethic, time management, etc.) to the post-sport life and career.

Every athlete is unique, so there's not one 'cookie cutter' approach to transition. There are however, commonalities and specific factors that can be addressed in order to enhance success and the psychological well-being of athletes in transition. Contact Dr. Wesch to learn more or to get the support you need.