Custom Programming

Are you looking for something specific or more comprehensive? Programs and packages can be custom built to suit the specific needs of an individual or a team. Custom programming allows you and Natascha to build a program together and tweak it to make it anything you'd like - it's really up to you!

For example, in addition to or in lieu of regular consulting sessions, custom programming can include some or all of the following, and in any combination:

  • Working with scouts to incorporate mental toughness evaluation in talent identification
  • Including performance psychology sessions in athlete contracts
  • Single or multiple-day sessions ideal for training camps or team retreats
  • Full-time consulting over the course of an entire season, off-season, or both
  • On-site consulting (i.e., at the training and/or competition site)
  • Consultant observations of practice/competition followed by debrief meetings with coaches, athletes, and teams
  • Leadership training for coaches, team captains, athletes

Please contact us to find out more about custom programming.