Individual Consulting for Athletes

Individual consulting is for the athlete ready to take control of his or her mental game. Through individual consulting, Natascha works directly with†you to help identify the areas of your mental game that need strengthening and those areas of strength that need to be cultivated. Natascha helps you learn†to develop the mental aspects of sport in order to improve performance and reach specific athletic goals.

Carded Athletes

If you are a carded athlete, registered through the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario, you can use your service credits to work directly with Natascha. Contact us†right away†to get started.

Consulting for Coaches

Coaches must perform too! Individual consulting for coaches teaches you how to use sport psychology techniques and Mental Skills Training for your own performance as well as how to incorporate them with your team. Being able to motivate and get the most from your athletes is critical to success.

Team Consulting

Mental Performance consulting for teams is pro-active and preventative. Donít wait until your team has a performance meltdown to take control of your performance! In addition to mastering the mental aspects of individual performance, team consulting focuses on building team cohesion, creating team commitment, and clarifying team goals. Just like individual consulting, team consulting is tailored to the teamís specific needs and goals.