Workshops are a great way to introduce specific techniques in the field of sport psychology and are ideal for teams or groups that want to provide their athletes with the mental skills to perform to their potential. Workshops are typically 2 hours in length and give you a jump start on mental toughness training.

Add a workshop to your training camp to give your athletes the competitive edge! Workshops can address the mental aspects of performance such as: goal setting, increasing confidence, improving focus, creating performance plans, preventing burnout, etc.


Still not sure what the field of sport psychology is all about? Seminars cover a general topic of interest. Seminars are 1 hour in length and are ideal for introducing your athletes or group to sport psychology, mental skills training, and/or mental toughness training.

Some of the more popular seminar topics are:

  • It's 90% Mental: What is Sport Psychology?
  • Seeing is Believing: Using Imagery in Sport
  • The Little Voice in my Head: Self-Talk
  • The Mental Game Plan: Goal-Setting
  • Managing Competitive Stress
  • Implementing Mental Skills Training

Do you have a specifc topic in mind? Contact us and we'd be happy to create and deliver a seminar that targets your specific needs.

Multi-Day Training

As a sport organization you can include multi-day mental skills training for your athletes and coaches as part of development and performance enhancement options. Pre-season, off-season, and in-season sessions can be a great way to give your athletes and coaches the competitive egde! Various aspects of mental performance can be introduced in small, manageable portions, over the course of several days or weeks.

Please contact us to find out how workshops, seminars, and/or training sessions can help you achieve elite mind performance.