It Happens to the Best of Us

Reality is such that, at some point during their athletic career, the majority of athletes will sustain an injury. How an athlete manages his or her injury can impact considerably, either positively or negatively, on mental state and rehabilitation outcome.

When working with injured athletes, our focus is to help the athlete understand and adhere to the rehabilitation process, approach injury rehabilitation with the same focus and attention as in sport performance, and to learn mental skills that will enable a confident return to play.

Mental skills aim to help the athlete cope with the emotional and physical aspects of the injury. In addition to using mental skills to help the body heal, mental skills can also be used during injury rehabilitation to help the athlete or artist stay in tune with the physical part of performance even though the athlete may not be physically participating in sport. An area of special attention is sport concussion. Natascha has worked extensively with athletes and artists managing the emotional and psychological effects of sport concussion as well as the realities of return to play and day-to-day functioning.

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