Elite Mind Performance

When your mind functions at its best and your body knows what to do, you achieve elite mind performance. It's that state where anything is possible.

Why Mental Performance?

It is often said that sport is 90% mental, yet most athletes spend 90% of their time training the physical, technical, and tactical aspects of their game and leave the mental side to chance.

You train your body, now train your mind. Peak performance is about confidence, focus, motivation, inspiration, excellence, and being able to put it all together when it counts. It doesn't matter how fast, how strong, how technically sound you are, if your mind can't handle the pressure you can't succeed. Mental training takes care of developing your mental strength to improve your mental game. Preparation and training equals success!

Top athletes and coaches turn to techniques and tools drawn from the field of applied sport psychology to gain a competitive edge – to learn, among other things, ways to manage competitive stress, control concentration, and improve confidence. Prepare now to be your best!

Natascha Wesch obtained a doctorate in Sport Psychology in addition to a masters in Counselling Psychology; Natascha is a Mental Performance Consultant who specializes in training the mind of athletes, coaches, performing artists to teach and develop the mental skills necessary to help propel performance beyond what can be achieved through physical and technical training alone. In addition, Natascha consults with injured athletes and performers to help them maintain the competitive edge during injury rehabilitation and the return to play period.

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